Rainy Day

For some reason, I get the inexplicable urge to clean whenever it rains. Finally can see my kitchen countertop again….now on to the bedroom, where I have furniture to redo….how on earth am I going to find the time for that??? Dresser, desk, shelves, and now bookshelves & divider, all to be stripped, repaired, painted and/or refinished. Never mind time, where am i going to find the space??

Think i’ll work on the wrought iron hanging baskets. Bought some of those “bird’s nest” basket liners, they didn’t fit, the basket itself is such an odd shape. Edina gave me an idea for what to do–she said line them with fabric. Lightbulb! Cut up the “coconut” fiber liners to fit, stitch overhand with fishing line or strong twine. Then make an outer liner of fabric, lined on the inside with vinyl so it’s waterproof. Ta-da! Now to grab the video camera & get working on it….

Got these in Louisiana a few years ago, two of them. Apparently they are Mexican antiques. Have two matching flower pot holders too. Also working on trying to find pots that will fit them. Harder than i thought.


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