Unfinished projects are finally, finally on their way out the door. What a relief!

  1. At long last, i finished the orange stripey sweater for baby Allie. i started it before the summer of 2006, for crying out loud, and it was supposed to be done for Christmas…but it’s finally ready to go. Problem is it’s probably too small for Allie now, so It will go to Patty….hooray for unisex colors (and that Wally is a Longhorns fan…..)
  2. Finished the bunny suit I started while on the Costa Rica trip. Was supposed to be for Patty, who wasn’t born yet when I started it, but I wasn’t sure what I was doing in the feet part and was just too busy, so I put it aside for awhile. Picked it back up because it was in the way, and gritted my teeth and stuck with the complicated foot pattern….was totally shocked when I finished and realized, yes, it did look like a foot! So ready to try socks now. Gave to Carrie for her new baby. It was a hit, but duh–forgot to take a photo! I’ll get her to take one with the baby in it. Means waiting until January.
  3. Finished Sara’s dress that was supposed to be a present from the last birthday. Oops. Will give for Christmas next week, with a long sleeve shirt to wear under. I’m not too crazy about the way the finishing crochet came out; think I need to figure out why I have so much trouble with that.

Next to finish:

  1. Patty’s sweater. Making the same style sweater but in diff colors for Patty & Allie. Just have to finish the last sleeve for Patty’s then sew it together & finish. It went quick, colors are nice :) Either that or a red & gray homespun hoodie (leftovers from Sara’s first sweater).
  2. Boomer’s coat. Finally figured out how to work it. Have to finish clearing up upstairs then will drag out the sewing machine and put it together.

Other more immediate (Christmas) projects that I haven’t even started yet:

  1. Allie’s dress. Same as Sara’s but dark & light purple. Need to set up the knitting machine, but I should be able to do it all in one day….maybe tomorrow.
  2. Allie’s Christmas Sweater: Matches Patty’s but in pinks & red. Will probably just do the dress for Christmas & send the sweaters for Patty’s birthday in March.
  3. Baby Jeffrey’s Christmas sweater: same colors as Patty’s, but I’ll probably pick a different pattern…the stripey one has the same gauge.
  4. Mom’s scarf (I think I’m going to need more white yarn. If I have a lot of yarn left over, I’ll probably make mittens for her birthday in Feb.)
  5. That green hoodie that I started years ago that I just haven’t gotten around to finishing….will need to get a different yarn for the sleeves, since the gauge was wrong.

Future stuff:

  1. If I get some of this other stuff done, and depending on how big the dress is on Sara, I’ll make a matching sweater for her. I should have enough yarn, after I finish Allie’s dress.
  2. Dress for Sara’s birthday (July)
  3. Dress for Allie’s birthday (September)
  4. Gifts for next Christmas (2009)
  5. Blankets for Brigantine Knitting group. (The “Brigantine Seashore Pearls,” they call themselves.) Have plans for a big colorblock one, and one where i do a cable down the front.

As I’m going through boxes, both from here and from the old apartment, finding hundreds of projects that I started, or set aside materials to start, but never did anything with. Once I finish this year’s Christmas gifts, I’ll pick one of those to work on & alternate with starting new knitting projects.

finally found a website (knitpro2) that will translate JPEGS into knitting graphs! Cool! Need to practice my intarsia….

Am getting a lot of knitting done due to having teevee again as well as no job. Need to do as much as possible while the free time lasts….


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