Giving up but not quitting

So after a long hike in the Wissahickon this morning, I’m pretty much sure I’m giving up on making 50,000 words in November. (I’m wiped! Good times though.) But I decided not to give up on 50,000 words total. Just gonna keep plugging away, a thousand at a time, every day, until I hit the “end.” (Which is only going to be 50K at this point.)

I’m over 7300 now, today’s goal is 8400. Then I’ll reassess, add a thousand and round up to the nearest hundred, then make that my goal for Sunday.

The character is driving herself cross country. I’ll try to update here. Give me extra motivation, maybe. Kim put Graceland off for a while; I stopped her in Asheville, North Carolina, to do some whitewater rafting in the paddling capital of the east! (Google says its only about three hours away from Charlotte, so why the heck not. She’s got three months to travel. ) Am thinking of doing this in the form of a travel diary, but that might have to come later at this point.

Be back when I hit 8400…


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