Finally, I’m blogging about writing

Put this blog to sleep for awhile, I started it during a tough period in my life and all I felt like writing about was really depressing. But I think it’s time to start up again! I’m trying to finish some of these NaNoWriMo novels that I’ve started over the years, and finally decided that in 2013 I was going to do it.

I even made myself a Goalraiser page to track it!

Goalraiser is a new website designed by the leader of the Philadelphia Social Entrepreneurs Meetup group, Sam Cohen. He mentioned this idea at one of the meetings I attended a few years ago, and it just launched this month. I got his email and knew that THIS what what I could use to get my butt motivated. Money. Not for me to write, but to donate to NaNoWriMo, and with a monstrous penalty for not making my goal.

I’m ready! Will be updating here with the status, and other general writing ideas, thoughts & concepts. Not that I’m an expert, but I’m also publishing an anthology from my writers’ group, and it’s like I’m waking up and *really* understanding what all those people that tell you how to write are telling you.


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2 Responses to Finally, I’m blogging about writing

  1. Oh, Amy, I just read your Goalraiser page and – excuse me, I don’t mean this in a nasty way – “mostly all that’s left to do is just write the remaining scenes” AHAHAHAHAHA!!! But I bet you know as well as I do that just writing the scenes, well, that’s what takes SO MUCH TIME AND WORK.

    And I bet you can do it. I know you can do it. Go for it, girl. It’s going to be November in two and a half hours. 50,000 words in 30 days? No problemo!

    Maybe I’ll see you at Wegman’s one of these days. (BTW – in Nanoland, I go by Frazzlegreen.)

  2. Sorry I’m late–but thanks for the comment! How did you do this year? I made it, but barely. You’re funny, OF COURSE, that’s all that’s left, to just write the scenes….and since I can spend hours caught up in getting the characters from here to there, that’s definitely the tough part. It worked though, I came up with an outline halfway through, and just plugged in the scenes one at a time. :)

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