Book Review: Entwined by Heather Dixon

Books make Monday better, so I’ll be posting my Goodreads book reviews on Monday. Yay!

Found this one on Paperback Swap because one of my GR groups recommended it, but I can’t remember which one to give them props! So glad I did, this was an adorable story.

The story is about Azalea, the oldest of 12, left with overwhelming sadness–and responsibilities–when her mother dies. Their father the king has outlawed dancing for an entire year for mourning, but the girls find some old magic left in the castle….and a secret ballroom where an ancient Keeper allows them to dance all night long. But not without a price.

The characters are sweet, fairytale imperfect. The 12 sisters are impressively named, in alphabetical order, after flowers. And somehow the author managed to give them all distinct personalities. Azalea’s “gentleman” is a doll and even the strict, fussy king is endearing. I loved the detail in the description of the dances. The crumbling, drafty castle with its history of dance, and the kingdom with its politics made for a captivating setting.

Thought 12 sisters was a little much until I found out it was based on a fairytale called The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Never heard of it but I looked it up and the Grimm version was dry as dust. This was a great retelling. I smell a Disney movie!!

I finished a few weeks ago, let’s see if I can remember…Azalea (eldest), Bramble (the troublemaker), Clover (shy little miss perfect), Delphinium (the drama queen), Eve (short for Evening Primrose!) the bookworm, Flora and Goldenrod (twins, quiet, stuck in the middle), Hollyhock (the stubborn one), Ivy (loves to eat!), Jessamine (scared), Kale (a toddler–what a horrible name), and the baby Lily, born the night mother died. Yessss, score one point in the useless trivia category.

Hoping to read more from this author! Apparently she is an animator for Disney Interactive, so maybe the Disney movie could still be a thing. In the meantime, check out the book trailer, it’s gorgeous. I think from the comments the author did it herself!


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