Book Review: Reached by Ally Condie (Matched Trilogy)

Reached CoverCassia is reunited with Ky and Xander, in the last book of this dystopian romantic triangle. They have joined the Rising (ok that’s probably not a spoiler) and are infiltrating back into Society to engineer its takedown. But separately, much to their disappointment. But as it turns out, the Rising is not all they believed it was. The revolution is as divided and infiltrated as the institution. Cassia and Ky have to decide who they will be loyal to, and, well, I’m sure you can guess they will only be loyal to each other.

This book hopped around quickly from Cassia to Ky to Xander, and I liked the different, quicker pace, although it did take a little getting used to. Unfortunately though, much like in Crossed, the poetic style overlaid across all points of view sort of muted the differences in the character, and sometimes I had to double check the name at the beginning of the chapter to figure out where I was. There were, however, a couple of parts that just completely had me holding my breath. It’s tough to convey such urgency while still keeping the poetic tone, but I think for the most part it worked (probably due to the present tense writing)

On a somewhat unrelated note, a friend of mine (who also loaned me the books!) told me that her students hate Xander. How can you hate Xander?! I ended up just feeling very sorry for him. I liked having his point of view, actually, and I was probably more interested in (and surprised by) the continuation of his story, than with Cassia and Ky’s happy ending.

Overall I liked this series, and would recommend it. It was pretty different in style, I think, than the books I generally read, but I thought it worked. (Hooray for stretching boundaries.)

One final note, if I haven’t convinced you to dive into the series yet, pretty much the whole thing is based on the Dylan Thomas poem “Do Not Gentle Into That Good Night.” And now I hope you’re convinced. :)

(And here’s the link to my review on Goodreads)

And now that this series is done…next review is a book I helped publish! Not YA, not dystopian (okay maybe a little dystopian), not fantasy (okay, it’s a little fantasy too), but a satire on what life is like after you’ve died. (!)


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