Testing the Microsoft WordPress App

I spent ALL DAY today updating subscriptions, downloading software, backing up and synching the laptop I bought back in August. Better late than never…

I installed all kinds of “apps,” thinking they would make the computing experience a little easier. Except, apparently Microsoft Apps are only extremely scaled-back versions of the actual websites, e.g. WordPress, Goodreads, etc. All you can do is view stuff, and there are a ton of things you can’t really manage?

I can create a new post, but apparently not edit an existing draft, which is what I really want to do. Looks like if I post it first though, maybe I can edit it? (scratching head) Ok, posting as a test…..

…And immediately back to edit. Why does the font change like that? Don’t get it. Also I can’t categorize or tag this post. Disappointing! Oh well. I guess I’ll skip this “App,” and stick to the web version. I feel like I just got used to Windows 8, making links & tiles & whatnot, and then I downloaded Windows 8.1 and all those web pages I bookmarked (Pandora, eg.) were wiped out and I had to start from scratch.

Patience will prevail…my patience needs to be placated by a cookie right now… I will say I like the distraction-free typing space. And there’s even  button to put in an image. But I think categorizing and tagging would be better….


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