New blog design, and birthday reflections

I finally bit the bullet and paid for shiny WordPress colors…Consider it a birthday present to myself. Wow, I really need to get out more.

Anyway, have been reflecting a lot on the big 3-5. Thirty-four was pretty rough–a layoff, a somewhat serious illness that set me back (and I think is still suspiciously lingering), no forward progress on the new house and a significant lack of adventures.

But, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the South Jersey Writers’ Group, and we’re headed in a great new direction. Thanks to the amazing K.A. Magrowski and the rest of our Board Members and committees, hopefully soon I’ll be more on the sit back and enjoying more end–and hopefully, I’ll have more time to write too! Also made a bit of progress on the Race the World Challenge, although still failing at posting photos and trip reports.

Of course, it’s about making the time, right? Hard to make time for everything! But I think by the time I hit my 36th birthday, I want to say I’ve finished a novel, and I suppose I’ll have published a second and third short story collection too! Ok, and next year I also want to hike Mount Mansfield in Vermont. I did almost zero hiking in my 34th year. Time to get back into that. Have some other plans too, but baby steps. More sleep would be good too, but wouldn’t put any money on that one! Too many exciting things on the horizon, although if I keep up this pace through another year, all I’ll want to do is sleep!

Cheers for Another Year

Cheers for Another Year


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